Supercharged Cloud Block Storage

Give your database a boost
10x Performance


The Lucidity Leverage

10x Performance

Replace High-performance disks (Io2) with Lucidity-enabled GP3 disks. Get 10x IOPS at fraction of the cost.

No downtime during Surge

Lucidity auto-scaler automatically provisions disks, IOPS with 30 seconds’ notice during a traffic surge with no downtime & performance loss.

Reduce block storage cost by 70%

Auto-Scaler, state-of-the-art compression & deduplication ensures storage is optimized.

Onboarding to ROI in 2 clicks

Autonomous orchestration delivers a truly NoOps experience. So sit back and let Lucidity handle your block storage.

Run any workload on Lucidity

From databases like MySQL and Postgres to hosting Kubernetes clusters, lucidity delivers seamless performance.

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