Frequently Asked Questions

plusHow much time does it take to run the Audit?
The time taken to run the audit tool depends on how many VM's are there in a subscription. Typically for a 100 VM subscription it takes 1h to complete.
plusWill it touch any of the customer data
No. Lucidity Audit uses Azure internal service to collect storage metadata like - Storage utilization %, Disk size etc. It never has any access to any customer PII or sensitive data.
plusWill there be any impact to the environment ?
No. Lucidity Disk Audit ensures no impact on the customer cloud environment and resources.
plusIs there any log where I can check the status of the Audit script?
Yes. The Lucidity Audit tool saves environment discovery reports and logs in a Linux directory or Windows folder from the location where the script was invoked.
plusWhat happens next?
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