Wastage is meant for your bin,

not your cloud storage
Lucidity Storage Audit gives you complete storage visibility at the click of a button. Analyze how you spend, identify where you waste, and capture the risks of downtime.
tick25 min Deployment time
tickNo Access to Lucidity
tickOhh and also It’s Free!

What does it tell me?

Overall Disk Spend

Figure out your present disk spends, what should be the optimized bill, and how you can reduce them by 70%

Disk Wastage

Find the root causes of wastage like Idle Volumes & Over-provisioning and learn how you can eliminate them

Disk Downtime Risks

Identify potential downtimes before they happen, and avoid financial and reputational losses

And the results?


Cost Wasted
17% Disk Utilization
1 Downtime Avoided

Food and Grocery retail

Fortune 500 Revenue
$9.348 Billion


Cost Wasted
18% Disk Utilization
5 Downtime Avoided

Talent Management firm

Revenue $12.3 Billion


Cost Wasted
21% Disk Utilization
2 Downtime Avoided

Consumer goods manufacturer

Fortune 500 Revenue $9.348 Billion


Cost Wasted
12% Disk Utilization
3 Downtime Avoided

Insurance firm

Revenue $345 Million

Why Lucidity Storage Audit?

What makes Lucidity Storage Audit the right choice for understanding your disk utilization? Manual discovery or utilizing monitoring tools are limited by tedious DevOps efforts or additional costs of deployment. With an ever-increasing complexity of storage environments, things can quickly spiral out of control.

The Lucidity Storage Audit solves this problem by automating the entire process with the help of a simple ready-to-use executable tool. It helps understand your disk health and its utilization helping you optimize the spends and prevent downtime without any hassle.


Azure Monitor

Monitoring tools
Eg. DataDog


Monitoring Disk Spends
Report Disk Utilization
crossReq. Multiple clicks
crossReq. Multiple clicks
lucidityReq. Only One click
Unearth wasted spend due to idle volumes
Coverage across environments
50%(Typically Prod environment)
100%(Dev + Prod environments)
Deployment Cost
Additional services costs

How can I deploy it?

The deployment of the Lucidity Storage Audit has been designed to be seamless with minimal DevOps requirements. And we ensure Lucidity never has any access to any of your data.

Run the Audit tool in 5 mins
No client security access needed
Relax - As Lucidity analyzes the findings for you

Find the value you seek

For Business leadersControl your disk costs better, understand where you are spending more and optimize your disk spend like never before.
tickFind your potential savings
tickTrace your wastage

Frequently Asked Questions

plusHow much time does it take to run the Audit?
The time taken to run the audit tool depends on how many VM's are there in a subscription. Typically for a 100 VM subscription it takes 1h to complete.
plusWill it touch any of the customer data
No. Lucidity Audit uses Azure internal service to collect storage metadata like - Storage utilization %, Disk size etc. It never has any access to any customer PII or sensitive data.
plusWill there be any impact to the environment ?
No. Lucidity Disk Audit ensures no impact on the customer cloud environment and resources.
plusIs there any log where I can check the status of the Audit script?
Yes. The Lucidity Audit tool saves environment discovery reports and logs in a Linux directory or Windows folder from the location where the script was invoked.
plusWhat happens next?
Congratulations. You have taken the first step towards a true NoOps cloud storage experience. Once the levers of your storage wastage are confirmed, you will no longer be surprised when we say we can reduce up to 70% of your storage costs. And to do that, let us introduce the Lucidity Autoscaler. Lucidity Autoscaler is an industry-first, state-of-the-art and autonomous multi-cloud block storage layer, making your block storage economical, reliable and effortless. It is the industry's first cloud-native auto-scaler that can shrink and expand your block storage with zero downtime and no loss in performance. A true NoOps cloud storage experience with no hassle of capacity planning or manual provisioning. Know more >>